Honorial Memorial Funds

The Abby Early Childhood Center Fund The enrichment and betterment of the Early Childhood Center (by the Dunn & Teitelbaum families in memory of Abby Teitelbaum) DONATE NOW

Edwin Albom Memorial Fund To provide awards to outstanding SRJC religious school students and/or to provide for the betterment and improvement of the SRJC facilities (by Isabel Albom & family in memory of Ed – a past President) DONATE NOW

Steven H Berkowitz Bridging Communities Memorial Fund To contribute to the cost of the community eruv and other joint expenses of both the SRJC and North Hills Orthodox communities. DONATE NOW

Children and Families Fund To supplement programs geared for families at SRJC in order to expand the families’ knowledge and participation in Jewish education (by the Hirsch & Hoffman families) DONATE NOW

Roger Deutsch Memorial Fund To provide educational scholarships (maximum $750 per year) and/or educational programs (by Theona Deutsch in memory of her husband Roger) DONATE NOW

Arthur & Helene Goodman Scholarship Fund To reward commitment to Israel & Jewish values (by the Goodman Family in honor of Helene & Arthur) DONATE NOW

Mimi & Morris Feldman Children’s Fund To provide subsidies for Jewish camp fees and/or Religious School tuition (by the Feldman family in memory of Mimi & Morris) DONATE NOW

Joel Helfenbein Education Fund To  provide for and/or supplement adult and children’s education programs and for outreach (by the Helfenbein family in memory of Joel) DONATE NOW

Manny Horowitz Small Sanctuary Fund To  provide for improvements and betterments to the small sanctuary (by Roberta & Alan Maskell in memory of Manny who was at both morning and evening minyanim every day). DONATE NOW

Richard E Herter Memorial Fund To provide music programs in the Religious School and/or other programs involving the arts at SRJC (by Aileen and Ray Herter on the passing of their son who was a musician) DONATE NOW

Abraham Magid Building Beautification Fund To provide money to maintain, repair etc to keep the synagogue facilities in good physical condition (by Sally Magid after the passing of Abe – a former president) DONATE NOW

George Nemeth Fund To provide for “Jewish and/or Yiddish” programming (by Lenore Nemeth in memory of her husband who loved Yiddish theater) DONATE NOW

Rose & David Rapoport Fund To be used to provide for and supplement education programs such as lectures and Shabbatons and to provide funds for training and development of future synagogue leaders (by Nancy & Steve Goldstein in memory of Nancy’s parents) DONATE NOW

Adeline Roth Teachers’ Education Fund To provide for Early Childhood Center and Religious School teachers continuing education (by Marcia Posner in memory of Irving’s wife, Addy) DONATE NOW

Edith & Ernest L Rothschild Education Fund To provide for and/or supplement adult and children’s education programs (by the Rothschild family after the passing of Ernest – a past President) DONATE NOW

Shlefstein Family Fund To provide for and/or supplement adult education programs. (by Julie and Jeff Shlefstein and Marsha Shlefstein) DONATE NOW

Grace Turkewitz Memorial Fund To provide for and/or supplement adult and children’s education programs DONATE NOW

Weiss Israel Scholarship Fund To provide scholarships for students going to Israel and to promote travel to Israel. Maximum scholarships per year is $4000 (by Selma & Dan and Monica & Lester Weiss to encourage students to go to Israel) DONATE NOW

Elizabeth Wasserman Memorial Fund To promote outreach and education to interfaith couples (by Doug in memory of his wife) DONATE NOW

Helen Zelman Fund To provide for senior citizen programming and transportation to and from SRJC (by the Zelman family in memory of Helen Zelman) DONATE NOW

Donations may be made to any of the above funds in honor or memory an individual by advising the SRJC office. Minimum donation is $10.

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A special fund may be started with a minimum donation of $1000 and the fund must receive a minimum of $200 per year to maintain it. Click here for form to create a fund. Form to be submitted to Bob Kagan for approval. 

All requests for funding a specific program, project or scholarship must be made through a committee chair, on official Honorial/Memorial request forms (Click here for application), giving complete details and cost/s and submitted to the SRJC office for Honorial/Memorial Committee approval.

Updated 10/8/19