The goal of the Shelter Rock Religious School is to nurture and develop caring, knowledgeable and involved young Jewish adults by providing an engaging and rich curriculum in a positive and warm learning environment. Our curriculum includes the study of Torah, Prayer, Jewish culture and values, Jewish Law, Israel and Hebrew language. Technology, Art, Music and Dance are an integral part of our Hebrew/ Judaica curriculum. We believe that educating our children and passing on to them our treasured heritage while having fun will instill a lifelong intellectual, emotional and spiritual connection to Judaism. Our Religious School is recognized as a “Framework for Excellence School” by the United Synagogue for Conservative Judaism.

Our experienced Religious School Teachers include:

  • Gan K     Diane Rudman
  • Alef 1st   Nadia Naghdi
  • Bet 2nd   Nadia Naghdi
  • Gimel 3rd Nira Benyamini
  • Dalet 4th Rina Yakubovich
  • Hay 5th   Rina Yakubovich
  • Vav 6th   Rabbi Morris Bernstein
  • Zayin7th  Rabbinic Intern Mitch Berkowitz
  • Tutor       Annette Feit
  • Assistant Ofer Yakubovich
  • Creative Arts   Naomi Bernstein
  • Office     Sherri Agagi

For more information about our religious school, please contact Sheryl Glickman at 516-741-4305 x15.