Fox FAMILY Chesed committee

We, at Shelter Rock Jewish Center, are fortunate to experience the compassion and wisdom of Rabbi Cohen at our times of illness and bereavement. It is also up to each of us, according to our ability, to help members of our synagogue community during those stressful times, by performing the mitzvot of bikur cholim, visiting the sick and helping the bereaved. Our Chesed committee has been renamed as the Fox family chesed committee in memory of our long term beloved member Eleanor Fox. 

If you or a member of your family is ill, convalescing, or homebound we would like to keep in touch. Please call the synagogue office at 516-741-4305 and let us know what we can do to help. Perhaps you need help with shopping or transportation. Or a phone call or home visit. These are the ways that Shelter Rock can help our members in time of need; and also how you can participate in bikur cholim.

There are no more stressful days in life than those that precede and immediately follow the death of a loved one. This pamphlet will provide some guidelines for dealing with many issues that will arise and offer some practical suggestions regarding the use of tradition to find solace and comfort in the face of tragedy. Once the synagogue has been notified of the death of a loved one, a member of the office staff will call the Chesed committee directly so that we may offer our services to you. A member of the Chesed committee will then contact you to discuss how we can help in any or all of the following ways:

• The Chesed committee will order, at no charge to you, a dairy platter for ten from Bagel Boss, which will be delivered to your home within an 8 mile radius from SRJC for the meal following burial.
• Members of the Chesed committee, if you wish, will set up your shiva house by covering mirrors, providing a pitcher of water outside for those returning from the cemetery, set up your pot of coffee, and arrange your table with your paper goods for that meal.
• As of now, the small number of Chesed volunteers limits this shiva preparation service to the areas near to SRJC: Manhasset Hills, New Hyde Park, Roslyn, Roslyn Heights, Williston Park, Albertson, Searingtown and North Shore Towers. As more volunteers join the Chesed committee, we hope to be able to expand this service area.
• Members of the Chesed committee will help make the shiva minyans either in the synagogue or at your home.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the following people for their donations to the Chesed committee.

Howard Kantrowitz and Robin Gingold
Leonard and Manda Kristal
Donald and Arlene Markowitz
Florence Nath
Sydelle Rosenberg
Phyllis Schafrank
Sylvia Weiser

Thanks to their generosity, Shelter Rock is able to provide a shiva platter, at no charge, to our bereaved member families returning from the cemetery.

We have been doing the mitzvot for bikur cholim and bereavement for many years and hope to those of our members in need. At this juncture, we need your help. If you have some time, and would like to be a part of this important work, please contact us directly or through the synagogue office. 

Judith Turkewitz 516-248-2534 or Joy Perla 516-621-6448