Rabbinic Intern Zevi Lowenberg

Fall 2017 we welcomed Rabbinic Intern Zevi Lowenberg. Zevi, a Baltimore native – and die-hard Orioles fan – graduated in 2015 from West Virginia University with his Bachelor of Arts in sociology and anthropology from the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences. Lowenberg started college to pursue a criminology major and political science minor. His goal was to enter the intelligence field of the military and then eventually pursue a career with a government agency. While at WVU, Lowenberg also joined the Air Force ROTC program.

“I grew up hearing stories of both of my grandfathers’ experiences in World War II and my great uncle’s time in Korea, so I had great respect for military service,” he said. It was the events of September 11, 2001 that motivated him to serve. I’m part of the 9/11 generation, so I decided that no matter what, I’m going to serve this country and find a way to give back,” he said.

Growing up in a vibrant Jewish community, Lowenberg was nurtured at his Jewish day school. “As a child I decided to either be a firefighter or a rabbi,” he said. “Learning about my Jewish identity was a big part of my life.” In 2015 he began his studies at the Jewish Theological Institute and is now a third-year rabbinic student.

While in college, Zevi joined the Air Force ROTC program. During his training he saw what a calming effect the chaplains had on everyone. “I realized that becoming an Air Force chaplain was how I could connect what I had been learning in the classroom with my desire to serve my country and my Jewish faith,” he said.